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Tips On How To Flirt With Men


Flirting is not easy and may leave you feeling embarrassed when you do it wrong. Men are overly protective of their emotions, which makes it hard to tell when it is working. It would be awesome if we knew how to flirt with men without trying too hard or being too obvious. The list below guides you on how to master the art without scaring him off before you finish your first sentence.

Lock Eyes

Just in like in a business set up or a class, the person on the opposite side feels more appreciated when you maintain eye contact. Keeping contact helps you pay more attention to the subject. Focus on him and then look away to avoid staring. When he is speaking, nod in acknowledgment and repeat some of the phrases they use to let them know you are interested.

Smile and Laugh

In most cases, flirting is equally nerve-wracking for the man. A simple smile will ease both of you into a conversation. Laugh whenever he makes a joke – even the dull ones. Look at his lips when he is speaking and then look him in the eye. This gesture indicates that you may want to kiss him one day.

Compliment Him

If you like his style, physique or charisma let him know. Men, just like women, want to be appreciated for the little things. Some things may come up later in the conversation like his passion, achievements, career aspirations, and entertainment. Start a discussion based on his milestone, compliment his progress, and encourage him. It is flattering to know that you are proud of his achievements.

Use Body Language

You do not necessarily have to inform him that you are interested verbally. Your body can convey the message. Clenched fists and crossed arms and legs are the most obvious ways to tell him you are not interested. You may do that out of habit and ruin your chances with men. Always remain relaxed, even when your palms sweat, run your fingers through your hair. Tucking your hair behind the ear, biting your lower lip casually, and tilting your head to expose your face are ways to show confidence and vulnerability at the same time.

Accidentally Touch Him

Physical contact is a subtle way to flirt, and you need to be careful. You can tell a man’s opinion when it comes to touching and personal space by how they react. Do not make it awkward by grabbing his hand while you are talking. You can start with a slight, accidental tap on the arm while you are laughing. You could also brush your shoulders on your way to the restroom or touch his knee while excusing yourself. Touching him will let him know you are comfortable, and you want to be even closer.

It may seem easy to carry on a conversation and use all tips when learning how to flirt with men, but you also have to handle different men differently. If nothing stands out in a man, skip the compliment part. Men can sniff a fake compliment from a mile away, and you may seem too aggressive.