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Simple Tips For Women On How To Dress Better

What you wear not only affects how other people perceive you but it also can change the way that you feel about yourself. Feeling confident is easy when you look stylish and pulled-together. If you are ready to look your best, check out these tips for women on how to dress better:

1. Clean out your closet.

Try on every piece of clothing that you own. With each item, ask yourself these questions:

  • ¬†Does it fit?
  • Do you like the way that it looks?
  • Does it make you feel good about yourself?

Get rid of any items that are ill-fitting or worn out. If a piece of clothing doesn’t bring you joy, consider donating it. Ultimately, your goal should be to reach a point where you love every item in your closet.

2. Evaluate what you currently have.

After cleaning out your closet, take a look at what is left. Every wardrobe should have a few basic pieces. These items can be mixed and matched with different accessories to create a wide range of looks. These pieces include:

  • Jeans in several different washes and styles including a pair of dark or black jeans.
  • A pair of neutral-colored dress pants.
  • A neutral-colored skirt.
  • A few plain T-shirts and camisoles for layering.
  • Depending on your lifestyle, possibly a blazer or suit jacket.
  • A white button-down shirt.
  • A few basic pairs of shoes including athletic shoes, flats, sneakers, and pumps.
  • A simple black dress that can be dressed up or down.

If you don’t already have the items on this list, consider purchasing them. These items act as the bones of your wardrobe. You can create many different looks simply by adding different accessories.

3. Shop carefully.

When shopping, make sure every item that you purchase fits perfectly. If an item is uncomfortable in the dressing room, you won’t wear it after you get it home. In some cases, you may need to have clothing tailored to get a good fit. Tailoring is less expensive than you might think and can make a big difference in your appearance.

4. Use accessories to add style.

One of the most common tips that stylists recommend if you want to dress better is to create outfits that consist of at least three pieces. For instance, if you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt, throw on a scarf to add instant style.

These tips for women on how to dress better are easy to follow but can make a big difference in how stylish you look.