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Sex Pillows 101

Sex pillows are a simple but effective way to revolutionize your intimate time with your partner. In addition to using it to stifle moans when your in-laws are visiting, you can transform various sex positions and allow for deeper penetration with a cushion.

They’re also useful for making your intimate moments a little less strenuous, as you won’t tire as quickly trying to bend yourself into odd shapes. While you can purchase a specific pillow designed for sex, you can also use ordinary cushions for the job. However, you’ll find products specifically made for sex more suitable for the task.

Once you add this tool to your repertoire, you’ll wonder how you ever made it work without one. Below, I’ll discuss the advantages of adding a sex pillow to your life, followed by practical tips on how to use one.

The Benefits of Sex Pillows

Sex pillows and furniture of this nature typically has a firm design with a ramp-like angle, although it comes in a variety of different shapes according to your needs. They’re used to make certain positions easier or more comfortable, but there are some other benefits to sex pillows you may not have considered. If you’re browsing Sex Games hq and you’re looking for a porn game to play, you might as well feel comfortable right?

Let’s look at these below:

Deeper Penetration

One major reason people enjoy using pillows during sex is to enhance the depth of penetration. You can put a pillow under your pelvis or thighs to lift your butt during missionary and allow your partner to get a deeper angle. If your partner has a smaller penis, he’ll be able to reach depths that would have been impossible previously.

Due to the angle of a woman’s body and vaginal canal, this arrangement can make penetration more comfortable and natural. It can also take some of the pressure off the lower back if you struggle with pain in this area.

A Better View

Using a sex pillow under your neck or head during sex can make it more comfortable and also allow you to make eye contact without straining your neck. Eye contact lets you feel more connected to your lover and enhances passion, increasing intimacy between you.

Easier Access

As mentioned, sex pillows can be placed under the hips to give your partner easier access. This makes it easier to enter the vagina as it gives your partner a clear view, reducing the risk of him bumping against the wrong spot while trying to penetrate you. But sex pillows can also be used to create easier access during oral sex or even sexy massages.

Cushion for Your Knees

If you have knee pain because you’re older or you had a sports injury a few years ago, you may find it difficult to kneel comfortably on the floor. Using a sex cushion underneath your knees can help ease the pressure while you’re going down on your partner.


Sex pillows are a great pick for people who are interested in adding sexual props to their intimate life but also value their privacy. If a friend comes over and sees your sex pillow, they won’t immediately know what it’s for. A dildo or handcuffs in the bedroom, on the other hand, are obviously used for sex.

Therefore, these types of cushions are a good pick for people who want to get a little more adventurous with their sex life but also want to be discrete about it.

Easing Height Differences

Couples are often different heights, which can make certain activities a little more difficult. If your man is much taller than you, for example, placing a pillow (or two) under your butt while your legs are hanging off the edge of the bed can make it easier for him to penetrate you while standing up.

How to Use Sex Pillows

Although sex pillows seem pretty straightforward, there are many ways you can use them that you may not be aware of. The most obvious way is putting the cushion under your hips during missionary, but what else can you use these products for?

Doggy Style

You can place a sex pillow under your stomach to lift your butt in the air while your guy is behind you, taking some pressure off his hands and wrists. He can also lie down on top of you. Experiment with more than one pillow to see what works best, as well.

Oral Sex

If your partner is going down on you, you can slide a pillow under your pelvis to make your nether regions easier for them to access. This can help take some of the strain off their neck, making it easier for them to pleasure you longer without getting tense.

This also enables you to take some of the pressure off your legs, as you won’t have to lift yourself to reach their mouth more easily. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add another couple of pillows under your head so you can get a clearer view of the action downstairs.


Girl-on-top can be a tiring sex position, but using pillows makes it much easier. Your guy can put a pillow underneath his hips to make penetration deeper. You can also put a pillow under each knee to take some of the pressure off your joints while you ride him.

Side Positions

Spooning sex can be a challenge for some couples, depending on the shapes of their bodies. You can try putting a pillow between your knees while your partner penetrates you, which will help your legs stay open during the deed. If you’re much smaller than your partner, placing a pillow under your hips can help make side positions (both facing each other and from-behind) much easier.

Is a Sex Pillow Right for You?

Cushions are awesome tools for intimacy, whether you buy a product specifically for the task or just use an ordinary pillow. However, pillows designed especially for the task tend to work better. You can use them anywhere to add some comfort, give you a boost, or ease joint and back pain. You can’t know whether a sex pillow is right for you until you try it yourself, so give it a go!